"There's much I don't understand," Davos admitted. "I have never pretended elsewise. I know the seas and rivers, the shapes of the coasts, where the rocks and shoals lie. I know hidden coves where a boat can land unseen. And I know that a king protects his people, or he is no king at all."

jackismyking: Norway ;D
  • Norway:What was the most disappointing time in your life?

well i was in love with a guy for like 2-2,5 years and he was an asshole that sent mixed signals but he didn’t like me at all,he just liked having admirers.he also pretended to be my friend but he went behind my back and said mean things about me (i found about that much later) and then when i got over him and thought we could be friends he stopped talking to me and now we don’t even say hi to each other and he is in a shit college and he thinks he is a musical genius bc he knows wonderwall on the guitar and i’ve seen him wear an embroidered leather jacket so THANK GOD I GOT OUT OF THAT wow that was long

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petition to replace d&d as showrunners with someone from the food network

instead of their dumb made up rape plots

just endless shots and descriptions of people eating elaborate medieval feasts

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jenascoleman: china and india
  • China:What was the best moment of your life?

i live a very average life,there aren’t any big great moments but god i was ecstatic when there was a kingdom hearts 3 announcement (wow that sounds bad)

  • India:How important is family to you?

my family as in my brothers,parents and grandparents is the most important thing to me.i don’t really care about uncles,aunts,cousins and such.

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tennenbaum: Zimbabwe :)
  • Zimbabwe:Who is your favourite character from any folklore?

well my favourite folklore is ancient greek folklore.i really love iliad but i don’t have a favourite character

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greyjoing: poland (it's my country so) and maybe sweden
  • Poland:Hardest thing you have gone through?

well there was a period when i had almost daily anxiety attacks it was horrible

  • Sweden:Are you a leader, follower, or independent?

i can be all of those things depending on the situation i guess

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cosimamartell: hmm korea, south italy and vietnam!
  • Korea:What is one thing you accomplished by yourself?

umm last year i got straight A+ at my physics and maths exams

  • South Italy:What is your favourite part of your personality?

deadpan humor (generally being a deadpan person),i rly like that bc people will be losing their shit over something and i’m sitting there expressionless

  • Vietnam:What is something you are proud of about yourself?

i’m quite proud of…my hair.idk people tell me nice things about it and i’m very proud of it,i know i should be proud of something else but i’m not

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i love my pokemon team so much

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kneelbeforevanalden: Hey Mindset, I wrote a thing about Gregor/Sandor and the timing of their father's murder, vis a vis Tywin knowing what a monster Gregor was. Since you know a helluva lot more about this series than I do, I wondered if you could check it out and let me know what you think? Also, I hope you had a wonderful holiday.


The Clegane timeline is pretty well established… except where it’s uncertain.

Things we know as facts, from statements in the books:

  • The Clegane father was Tytos Lannister’s squire as a boy, and a landed knight
  • Gregor is five years older than Sandor
  • Gregor burned Sandor when he was “six, maybe seven”, and Gregor therefore was 11 or 12
  • Four years after he burned Sandor, Gregor was knighted by Rhaegar Targaryen
  • Gregor was 17 and “a new-made knight” at the Sack of KL when he raped/murdered Elia and murdered baby Aegon
  • The Clegane sister died young, mysteriously (it is not directly stated that Gregor did it but considering it’s in a passage about all the other horrible things he did, he almost certainly killed her)
  • The Clegane father died in a “hunting accident” (that is, Gregor killed him), and Sandor left home that very day to serve the Lannisters as a sworn sword and never returned, “not even to visit”
  • Sandor first killed a man at 12

Things we know per word of GRRM — consider them facts but they could be contradicted if he ever writes otherwise:

  • The Clegane mother was “probably dead” at the time of Sandor’s burning [source]
  • Sandor was part of Tywin’s forces in the Sack of King’s Landing [source]

Things we do not know:

  • whether the Clegane sister was older or younger than her brothers, and when she died (also, what her name was)
  • how old Sandor and Gregor were when their father died (also, what his name was)
  • when Sandor became “Cersei’s dog” and when she assigned him to guard Joffrey

I have made a detailed timeline here, but note the placements of those unknown dates are my headcanon — though shared with others, in some cases.

Your question relates to when the Clegane father died… and that’s particularly tricky. Because Sandor was in Tywin’s army during the Sack (also the year he first killed a man, note), most fans place his father’s death during that year or shortly before it, and believe he had already left home to serve the Lannisters directly. But it is possible that the Clegane father was still alive during Robert’s Rebellion, a knight in the Lannister forces, and Sandor was serving as his squire in the march on KL. (I’m sure Sandor was somebody’s squire then, either way.) And thus it’s also possible that Gregor’s murder of their father came some time after the Sack, and that Sandor didn’t leave home at age 10-12 but rather his mid-late teens. But I think because of narrative parallels and such (with the Stark girls re a father’s murder and becoming a child soldier, etc), it’s far more likely that the murder came before Tywin’s army marched on King’s Landing.

Now, regarding the question of whether Tywin knew what he had in Gregor… I don’t think the timing of the Clegane father’s murder is actually relevant to that. It was a “hunting accident”, you see. And Gregor inherited everything without any question. So I think this actually is further evidence that it took place before the Sack, and that it was an accident was the believed story at the time, by Tywin and everyone else.* It was only after Elia’s rape and murder made Gregor infamous that people looked at all the mysterious deaths connected to Gregor (his sister, his father, his eventual wives, the servants at Clegane Keep) and began to whisper. Nothing that could be proven, of course. But… whispers.

*[I have a bit of headcanon (that might end up in one fic or another) that Sandor initially left home with the intention of claiming justice for his father from Tywin. Only to find when he finally arrived at Casterly Rock (he had to walk, of course, Gregor wouldn’t notice if he left, but a horse would be missed and worth dragging back home) that the news had already been and gone, and Gregor’s story of the “accident” had been accepted and he was Tywin’s new vassal and master of Clegane Keep. And so Sandor begged, in return for his father’s years of leal service, not for justice (what justice? what gods?), but to serve himself…]


i dont chase after men but if he has tattoos and muscles a bitch just might power walk

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